What Is Macro Photography? What are the best methods for this technique? And 10 examples of it.

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Posted on 2016-06-22

The Macro :

Digital cameras usually have a minimum distance of between 20 cm and half a meter between the object you want to photograph and the camera itself , below which they are not able to focus properly .

If you want to photograph objects that are closer, you must switch to macro mode that rearranges the glasses , so you can focus on objects at distances of a few millimeters of the lens (depending on camera model ) and up to 20-50 cm from the beginning the conventional approach . Macro photography is an exciting field , as if the very small photographs can end up with very beautiful images and sometimes very strange .

Today we share with you these 10 examples of Macro and invite you to watch this video tutorial where you can learn how to apply the best methods for this technique hand Thomas Shahan .