The best 9 tips photographic composition by Steve McCurry

Por FreeJpg Editor

Posted on 2016-06-03

The human being when he perceives an image usually does in a certain way and in a certain order; in addition, there are certain aspects in an image that generally help capture the attention of the brain and usually evoke certain feelings or feelings.


When a photograph that purports to be something more than a snapshot of an event, that is, when they are intended to convey feelings or highlight certain messages with a photograph is made is necessary to know how they work these mechanisms of perception human face to apply the necessary to convey what we want techniques. In a way, one can say that the composition is like a subliminal language to convey feelings through images.


Some elements that can be played in the composition are:


Attracting attention to the focus, the reason for the image.

The texture and sensations of touch that can evoke the image.

The shape and volume of objects, as well as the sense of depth of these at the scene.

The contrast as an element of attraction and highlight: contrast in tone, theme, motives, ...

To work these elements, to model and transmit messages in this visual language, the photographer has multiple tools available:


Framing the subject and its environment

Placement of objects within the frame

full or selective approach

Perspective and angle of the shot

Scene lighting

In this video tutorial we will see 9 tips photographic composition, based on the work of Steve McCurry.